Our basic quality policy; In the field of Field Safety and Traffic Safety in the electronics sector, with innovative approaches to the needs of the public; As a pioneering and reliable company in the sector by developing high-tech system solutions, providing technical support before and after sales, providing the right systems to the needy and producing the highest added value in these solutions:

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our most important principle is to research, find and offer the most suitable system solutions for customer needs and requests, and to provide technical support before and after sales.
  • We continuously and closely follow Field Safety and Traffic Safety technologies within the framework of scientific developments and social requirements, and constantly inform our customers.
  • Our basic philosophy is not only to preserve the current situation but also to develop and improve continuously at every point.
  • It continues to work with horizontal responsibility and authority without compromising the Quality Management System.
  • It adopts as a principle to set new goals by making rational decisions by making use of the experiences of the past and with the participation of employees.
  • It produces timely, appropriate and effective solutions for the determined goals.
  • It complies with the regulations of national, regional and related parties on occupational health and safety and environmental health by providing continuous development and improvement in quality issues.
  • It works in accordance with the commercial and moral ethical rules by adopting respect for traditions and customs, honesty and morality as the supreme virtue.
  • In the implementation of the project; works to ensure that all parties that make up the project get the most effective benefit from the project.
  • It observes the social rights of its employees. It does what it takes to maximize their personal training.

It is our commitment to ensure sustainable success through the continuous improvement of the quality management system we have while carrying out all these activities, the continuous follow-up and development of Mesan targets, and our Quality Policy being accessible to all employees and the public.