General Information

MERGEN PARKUR is a detector training simulation system that provides the operator real field experience of operational mine and improvised explosive device (IED) detection activity in a virtual environment.

MERGEN PARKUR which is developed by using virtual reality technology, aims to minimize the usage errors and also gives operators practice by experiencing mine / IED detections in the closest way to reality.

The detector operator performs the search activity on the virtual mine / IED with MERGEN PARKUR, while the trainer can follow it simultaneously.

At the end of the training, the training result report is generated by the system. The report includes the ratio of the number of detected mines to the total number of buried mines, the reason why the rest of mines are not detected, display of scanned/unscanned areas on the map and detector usage errors in detailed.

Detector Introduction, Target Detection and Maintenance/Repair Trainings

Target Detection Training

  • Sound, vibration and visual alarm closest to reality according to the burial distances of the mines and their content.
  • Real field experience with different map and mine/IED options
  • Marking of detected targets
  • Comprehensive training result report (Height, Speed, Angle(Wrist))

Detector introduction training:

  • Training of system's content
  • Training of operational functions
  • Training of mechanical functions

Detector Maintenance/Repair Training:

User level maintenance and repair training

Technical Data

System Parameters : Height, Speed, Angle (Wrist)
Alarm : Audio, Visual, Vibration
Data Transfer : Kablolu/Kablosuz
Room Sizes : 5x5 m
Available Targets* : DM11, TS50, TM62, M2, M14, M15, PMN1
Compatible Detectors : MEMED MEPAK
Training Mode Options : Target Detection Training
Training Mode Options : Detector introduction training
Training Mode Options : Detector Maintenance/Repair Training
Track Options : OMAT Track
Track Options : METI Road Track
Track Options : Residential Area Track

Scope Of Application

- Detector Usage Training Activities ,

- Trainee Tracking and Evaluation Applications ,

- Group / Tim Detector Trainings ,

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