General Information

MEMAR is advanced detection capable  and multi purpose metal mine detector which is especially designed to meet the requirements of humanitarian mine deminers.

MEMAR has IMAS 10.30 Conformity report and has relevant International standards.

With its extended detection sensitivity, it provides the detection of difficult and low metal content anti-personnel, anti-tank and handmade explosives.

MEMAR ensures that difficult targets can be easily found in normal soil and mineralized soils that are abundant in our country. meets.

Long Operation Time: MEMAR provides a great advantage to the user in the field by providing approximately 20 hours of working time with fully charged batteries. It works with standard batteries and rechargeable batteries, and these batteries can be easily supplied from digital markets.

Oval Search Head: MEMAR has a postal type oval search head. In this way, narrow and irregular areas are also searched. At the same time, it ensures that the threat can be searched everywhere.

Replaceable Search Heads: Offered with a standard oval search coil, MEMAR has field replaceable search heads for different usage needs. MEMAR offers a probe head for searching in bushes and similar areas, and an optional UXO search head for deep detection of unexploded ordnance.

Technical Data

Operational Weight : ~ 2,4 kg
Ground Modes : Normal and Mineral
Scan Speed : 0,1-1,6 m/s
Operation time : ~ 20 hours
Battery Type : 3 pcs D size
Military Standards : Mil-STD-810 G
Alert Types : Audio, Visual and Vibrating
Optional Heads : UXO, Probe, Medium
Water and Dust Proof : IP67
Operating Temperature : -30 °C /+60 °C

Scope Of Application

- Humanitarian Mine Scanning Activities ,

- OMAT Units Mine Scanning Activities ,

- Border Security ,

- Road Scanning ,

- Land Scanning ,

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