Mine Protection Suit

General Information

MKT-ST Mine Protection Suit is designed for deminers. It is used especially when the mine is needed to be extracted from ground.  It protects the body for any kind of fragmentation and blast according to IMAS 10.30 mine action standard. 

The suit has very light and flexible structure enabling the deminer to move easily during the operation, Thus it has become one of the most important equipment of deminer team.

It is supplied with deminer visor, hand protector, prodding needle and protective deminer boot.

MKT-ST has IMAS 10.30 and Stanag v50=450m/s standard; having reports for each international standards.

Technical Data

Mine Protection Suit : Light and comfortable use
Demining Visor : Protection level according to STANAG V50=250 m/s, Whole face protection, Clear vision with Polycarbonate material, Operational weight < 1,1 kg
Prodding Needle : Non-magnetic titanium needle, I and T-shaped use, Comfortable handling and ergonomic design, Rugged and durable hand grip, Weight is < 215 gr, The length of the needle without hand grip is 30 ± 1 cm
Protection Boot : Lightweight military boots suitable for operational use, Blast and fragment protection, Test report is available, Protective sole system, Reducing damage effect of AP mines, Waterproof membrane lining
Hand Protector : Aramid layers, Protection level according to STANAG V50=450 m/s, Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Washable outer cover

Scope Of Application

- Mine Clearance Applications ,

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