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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the fight against mines and IEDs has started to gain importance day by day.

Detection and monitoring of targets by providing autonomous or manual flights with a drone or similar aircraft will provide great advantages especially in counter-terrorism activities and in areas of possible hot conflict under threat.

Within the framework of this need, the ground penetrating radar sensor (GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar) developed by Mesan was integrated with a drone and came to life with techology leading product called MeDro.

With MeDro, Handmade Explosives, Mines, Unexploded ordnances underground can be detected whether they contain any metal or not. The captured data can be saved or instantly sent to remote terminal for action.

Technical Data

Technology : GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
Flight Speed : 6-9 km/h
Weight : ≤ 2kg sensor weight
Detection : A/P, A/T, IED and cable detection

Scope Of Application

- IED Scanning Activities ,

- Mine exploration activities of the Operational Units ,

- PMKI, METI teams mine search applications ,

- Border Security ,

- Road Scanning ,

- Land Scanning ,

- Mine Scanning Activities ,

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