Medar TD

General Information

Mesan New Generation Traffic Statistics Unit, "Medar TD" isportable, lidar-based traffic statistics system that measures the entire traffic density and allows instant information and reporting.

The system, which has a completely unique design, allows rapid application in desired road sections. It has a mechanical structure that can be easily attached to any pole on the roadside.

It detects the speed, lane information and vehicle class information of all vehicles passing at the application point and records them together with date, time and GPS information.

The data can be monitored instantly and also allows detailed reports for the selected date and time interval over any web browser.

The system that will allow many applications such as road survey studies, traffic density calculation, new route analysis; It has advanced lidar detection technology that can track multiple vehicles.

Technical Data

Multi Vehicle Tracking : Yes, Lidar Based
Speed Detection Accuracy : up to 100 km/h ± 3 km/h; ± 3% km/h for over 100 km/h
Vehicle Lane Detection Accuracy : > %99
Vehicle Count Accuracy : > %95
Speed Detection Range : 1-299 km/s
Vehicle Classification : 4 types of classification
Lane Coverage : up to 4 lanes
Metadata : Date, Time, Gps, Vehicle speed, Vehicle class, Vehicle passing lane number
Feed : 12 V DC (Internal Battery Unit), 220 V AC mains
Solar Panel : Optional
Operating Temperature Range : -20 °C /+60°C
Protection Class : IP 65
Eye Safety : FDA Class1
Data Warehouse : 8 GB (> 400,000,000 vehicles)
Weight : 13 kg
Dimensions : 40 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm
Data Transfer : Instant data transfer with built-in GSM module, ethernet (optional)
Instant Monitoring and Reporting : Web Browser client (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox compatible)

Scope Of Application

- Highways Traffic Density Analysis ,

- Municipalities Route Analysis ,

- Traffic Units Road Analysis ,

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