General Information

The new model of the MEMED® series, the MEPAK Compact Mine Detector, is completely National and Originally developed. MEPAK, in the detection of antipersonnel mines Meeting the requirements of the Mine and Action

MEPAK has IMAS 10.30 Conformity report and has relevant International standards.

Center and the International IMAS standards, and It is the only national metal mine detector with the relevant report.

MEPAK is especially suitable for the use of operational units in minesweeping activities. produced to be. Anti Personnel, Anti Tank and metal with high detection sensitivity It is used to identify IEDs with content.

MEPAK targets challenging targets in normal soil and mineralized soils that are abundant in our country. makes it easy to find. With its easy-to-use interface, the user can adjust the settings.

Low metal content Anti Personnel Mines, Anti Tank Mines and metal content IED MEPAK, which detects threats without any problems; trapped by innovative signal processing technology It can also easily detect mines.

Full Folding Mechanical Structure MEPAK is one of the most important operational units. detection sensitivity, minimum folded size and light weight. offers. Occupies minimal space when folded.

Oval Search Head: MEPAK has a postal type oval search head. In this way It also enables the search of narrow and uneven areas. At the same time, every foot of the threat

Telescopic arm: Detector length depends on user height and usage type can be adjusted. In this way, the user detector can be detected standing, laptop and lying. can use.

Optional Individual Detector Training System Individual detector training system developed to train the user for 'Mergen SOLO' is a completely national and original product and is fully compatible with MEMED. User movements (scan speed, scan arc, wrist angle, scan height) makes it become a reflex.

Technical Data

Operational Weight : ~1,95 kg
Ground Modes : Normal and Mineral
Detection Speed : 0,1-1,6 m/sn
Locating : There is
Military Standards : MiL-STD-810 G
Warning : Audible, Led, Vibrating
Mechanical Structure : Fully folding
Operation Time : ~10 hours (3 x type C batteries)
Operating Temperature : -30 °C + 60 °C

Scope Of Application

- Mine Scanning Activities ,

- Mine exploration activities of the Operational Units ,

- PMKI, METI teams mine search applications ,

- Border Security ,

- Road Scanning ,

- Land Scanning ,

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