Mergen SOLO

General Information

The individual detector training system Mergen-SOLO is an easy-to-use detector training unit to minimize deminer-induced usage errors and to make correct detector usage movements to become reflex to its operator.

With this product, which should be in every detector's bag, the deminer will be able to train himself whenever he wants, regardless of location and location.

Mergen SOLO is be used with any brand and model detector and monitors the following basic usage parameters when using a detector:

HEIGHT: It is the height of the detector search head from the ground during scanning. When this height exceeds the standard specified distance value, the system will give audible and visual warning.

SWEEPING SPEED: The sweep speed of the detector search head from one point to another point. This speed will give audible and visual warning in case of exceeding the standard specified lower and upper limit value.

SWEEPING ANGLE (WRIST): The angle that defines the parallelism of the search head to the ground during sweeping. This angle is also defined as the distortion of the detector's parallel to the ground due to the user's wrist movement.

SWEEPING ARC: The width of the spring that the detector scans during sweeping. In case of exceeding the standard specified value of this spring in a standard sweeping movement, the system will give audible and visual warning.

Technical Data

Battery Type : Built-in, Rechargeable
Battery Life : About 15 Hours
Alert Type : With sound and LED
Operating temperature : -10 °C to +60 °C
Protection Class : IP 64
Charging Time : 4 Hours
Weight : 360 grams
Measurement Parameters : Height, Velocity, Angle (Wrist), Arc
NATO Stock Number : 6910270657437

Scope Of Application

- Individual Detector Training ,

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