General Information

Number of handmade explosives, explosives without metal content, and the trapped mines have increased considerably. For such threats, it becomes vital to detec the wires / cables.

After highly focused R-D process, Mesan finalized counter-ied GPR sensor development. The sensor is formed in handheld Detector called MEKA which is the newest products of MEMED series detectors of Mesan.

MEKA offers detection of all types or IED cables and non-metal content targets with great success. The Detector can detects any cable target regardles of its size or current drawing or not. Thanks to its new approach on GPR technology, even 0.2mm trap cable/wire can be detected by MEKA easily.

MEKA also offers to detect and kind of antipersonal/antitank mines and also any type of plastic threats like bottle, plastic can which are commonly used by IEDs.

Technical Data

Technology : GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
Operation Time : Approximately 5 hours (3xD type battery)
Water and Dust Protection : IP65
Alarm : Vibration, Audio, Visual LED (Optional Graphic Screen)
Storage Temperature : MIL-STD810G compatible (-40°, +70° storage)
Operation Temperature : MIL-STD810G compatible (-30°, +60° operational)
Weight : < 3 kg

Scope Of Application

- IED Scanning Activities ,

- Mine exploration activities of the Operational Units ,

- PMKI, METI teams mine search applications ,

- Border Security ,

- Road Scanning ,

- Land Scanning ,

- Mine Scanning Activities ,

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